Maymask Group Ltd. provides financing, installation, operation, and maintenance for health and safety certified LED perimeter advertising screens. Products and services are brought to market via Maymask Group’s three operating arms, which include:

  • Maymask LED Screens,
  • Maymask Health & Medical, and
  • Maymask Venture Capital.

Maymask Venture Capital (VC) enables the financing component of Maymask’s suite of services. As we entered the market, Maymask quickly recognized the cost prohibitive nature of many LED perimeter advertising boards. While clubs and arenas were in dire need of safety upgrades, and were missing out on the opportunity to generate adverting revenue; LED system installation, operation, and maintenance were simply unaffordable for many end-users.

Maymask VC then operates to provide customized financing solutions to clubs, leagues, and stadium owners. Most frequently, Maymask is able to purchase the boards on behalf of leagues. Contracts are then executed as lease-to-own; leagues make manageable monthly payments to own the boards over a five, eight, or 10 year period.  Leagues own the boards outright after the lease is repaid and, unlike many other financing groups and LED companies, Maymask’s clients  own 100% of advertising minutes on Maymask boards.

Put simply – LED perimeter advertising boards make sense, Compared to static boards and signage, clubs and arenas can secure multiple sponsorships as well as improve general aesthetics and enhance fan experience. Maymask LED screens offer not only this opportunity to create new, or grow existing, advertising revenue, but they are designed and developed to cushion player impact and reduce the risk of injury. Our VC operations remove cost as a blockade to both reduced risks of injury and improved opportunities for revenue creation.