Full LED service provider

Maymask is a full service provider. Our customized service suites do not stop at planning, financing, and installation, but extend in to the operation and continued maintenance of LED screens. Maymask partners with your organization and your advertising partners to ensure optimized exposure, enhance fan experience, and bring brands to life.

Our operating teams’ highly trained technicians are on-site weekly. During games, technicians manage the LED art work being displayed, as well as the LED hardware itself. Maymask technicians perform maintenance checks on a weekly basis and off-season updates.

Maymask operation and maintenance services provide not only peace-of-mind for you and your advertising partners, but ensure player safety is put foremost through pre-match safety checks. With our technicians working all over the world we offer a wealth of experience specific to LED advertisement.

If you already have LED advertising boards but would like to talk about Maymask managing your operations, please contact – sales@maymask.co.uk