Our pitch side LED digital boards delivery on quality, brightness, ingress protect and viewing angles with one extremely important addition, they offer impact protection to the player.

Impact protection makes a real difference when using free standing LED screens to display your digital media. Our investment in to the protection of sports players is now evident in the hardware of our LED boards by allowing movement when the impact occurs and therefore, reducing the rigidity of the impact.


Content Management Software has been developed to allow complete understanding and control from its users. Create Playlists, running orders, overlays, unique text and social media all within the software’s user interface.

The software of the LED screens is so important to the operating of the system. It’s the integral part that connects us to the LED displays. The unique user interface, based on a familiar broadcast production suite, allows the user to integrate overlay graphics on top of playlists. Manual intercept graphics can be applied and called upon at the click of a mouse or tap of a hot key.


Maymask power their in-stadia digital display solutions with game changing software, InCrowd Cast.

Now operational at 11 Premiership Rugby stadiums around the UK, Cast allows effective placement of both pre-rendered media and live content play out, perimeter boards and big screens delivering new methods of interacting and communicating directly with rugby fans. In addition, Cast provides unique sponsor activation opportunities.

When using Cast software, stadium display operators can confidently trust a solution that offers:

  • Robust & stable functionality
  • The ability to create a dynamic mix of content
  • Seamless integration with established stadium systems
  • Fast, multi tier programming
  • An easy-to-use, single user system
  • No compromise on quality or complexity of output

Please contact sales@maymask.co.uk

LED Screen Data Control Unit

Future proof your LED screen hardware but utilising the power of our Data Control Unit.

Technology advances at an ever increasing rate and LED screens are no exception. Our DCU’s (Data Control Unit) have the ability to control screens of 4k and above on multi-channel outputs. This means 8.3 million pixels can be controlled by our DCU. To put this in to perspective, no LED digital perimeter system currently utilises more that 2.5 million pixels and most systems will not go above 1 million. Our DCU is set for the future.

Software Controller

Professional Control your manual intercepts and apply cross fades and transitions for enhanced visual aesthetics.

Interacting with the software can be made much easier to use with the additional SCU (Software Control Unit). Preview your next graphic, quick play manual intercepts and call up video files instantly at a touch of a button.