Understanding LED technical information

The investment in to LED technology can be a daunting prospect and with so many companies pushing their technology and hardware, how do you know what is the right product for you? Here we have explained some of the technical terms used in the LED industry.

Pixel Pitch

The distance between the pixels is commonly referred to as pixel pitch. Th pixel pitch of an LED screen is measured in millimetres (MM) so if an LED screen has a pixel pitch of P10, then each pixel will have a gap of 10mm between them.

Why is the Pixel Pitch Important?

The lower the pixel number, the high the density of pixels and therefore the greater the quality of the image / graphic if you are viewing the screen at the same distance. A P12 which has a distance of 12mm between each pixel will have a lower image quality than a P6 which has a distance of 6mm between each pixel. The distance that the screen is viewed from is crucial here as a P12 and P6 will look very similar from far away. The P6 screen comes into it’s own when viewed at very short distances.