Full service providers: supply, operations,
maintenance and funding

Maymask is a complete service provider focused on supporting clubs and arenas to secure sponsorship, improve general aesthetics and enhance the fan experience

We will…

  • take the guesswork out of product selection and break down costly barriers commonplace to LED perimeter advertising, and
  • provide a fully customised model of planning, financing, installation, operation and maintenance.

Every LED project is different but the methodology remains the same: the right product at the right price delivered on time and within budget.

How we work

We carry out a site survey for your bespoke screen requirements to discuss size, location, control room/area, power and on-site access for the LED screens. Other bespoke requirements for your venue, such as emergency gates or fabricated structures, needed to deliver a high-quality LED system can also be discussed and considered.

There is a multitude of LED screen displays available, all boasting that they are of the highest quality and offer the best pixel pitch and refresh rate. Maymask will provide an estimate to deliver the right product to meet your LED screen requirements at the right price.

LED screens are as varied in price as TV screens and it’s not always down to size. Maymask will ensure that you get the right product to meet your requirements.

We understand that this is a significant investment and Maymask Venture Capital offers a variety of financial plans and contracts that enable you to see a fast return on investment without a high initial cost.

To find out more about Maymask Venture Capital please click here.

Why choose Maymask...

LED technology is complex and investing in it can be a daunting prospect with a choice of suppliers and varying standards of technology and hardware.

So why choose Maymask LED Screens? Because Maymask is a

  • full service provider,
  • offers bespoke solutions,
  • provides funding options,
  • supplies low pixel pitch screens.

Operations and Maintenance

Year-round LED service and maintenance

The team at Maymask is equipped with the knowledge to maintain LED systems including fault finding, replacing hardware and has the technical ability to send content through LED controllers.

Maymask has a record of 0% downtime with each system up and running throughout the match. This is accredited to having the best technical staff in the UK.


Maymask’s operations team are able to run match day LED perimeter boards at multiple sites throughout the year.

The team ran and operated LED screens for all 24 rounds of the Premiership Rugby matches throughout the season for a number of years together with the EPCR, Premiership Rugby Cup and RFU events. Throughout the season systems were maintained and tested by the expert team.


Maymask has storage facilities capable of holding 12 LED systems during periods when not required.  Prior to storage Maymask always runs tests and checks to ensure the next installation runs as smoothly as the removal.