Player safety is at the heart of what we do.

Purpose-built LED hardware systems that are designed to cushion player impact & reduce the risk of injury.

Player protection is at the heart of what we do. Maymask Healthcare Group was originally established in 2005 to coordinate complementary healthcare services for clients with long term conditions.

Developing close relationships with the sports recovery industry, the need for improved perimeter safety in athletic arenas became clear. Put simply – as sports arena’s perimeter boards have evolved from concrete blockades, to padded walls, to today’s digital advertising boards; player health safety & risk of injury have been left out of the equation.

Maymask’s LED perimeter boards bridge this gap; a first to market solution designed and developed to cushion player impact and reduce the risk of injury while optimizing clubs advertising ability.

Key Safety Features

Approved by the Rugby Union Safety Association, Maymask boards use a spring loaded tension system to reduce the risk of injury for players who come in to contact with them. Boards are designed to sustain an impact between 196 lbs. and 504 lbs. at 10 miles an hour, safely absorbing and diffusing impact.

  • Rubber Mask: LED display panels are cushioned under a rubber mask; protecting players from potential abrasion upon impact while protecting the LED display from damage.
  • Padded Bumper: : Tops of display panels are equipped with a removable padded bumper
  • Spring Lock Connection: Panels are joined together to create a perimeter using spring connection clips.
  • Air Spring Support Legs: Air springs are built in to the boards’ support legs

Spring lock connection and air spring support legs enable the boards to “spring” upon contact; flexing in the direction of impact to diffuse force and reduce the risk of injury relative to a stationary surface.