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Full service providers of LED screens and digital perimeter board hardware.


Software suites to optimise fan engagement and sponsor exposure which are fully customisable to client needs and requirements.


Support and supply of Match Day operators and qualified technicians


Full service provider of LED match day operations from content management and running orders to LED maintenance.

Featured Projects

Maymask are proud to have worked so closely with some of the biggest sports stadiums around the UK. Incorporating LED screens in to any Arena can be challenging but with Maymask’s expertise and experience, LED installations can be managed very effectively.

Full Service Providers Focused on Player Protection

The investment in to LED technology can be a daunting prospect and with so many companies pushing their technology and hardware; how do you know what is the right product for you? By providing a fully customized model of planning, financing, installation, operation, and maintenance, Maymask works to take the guess work out of product selection and break down costly barriers commonplace to LED perimeter advertising.

Every LED project is different, but the methodology remains the same: the right product at the right price delivered on time and within budget.

Player Protection

Player safety is at the heart of what we do. Maymask LED boards are purpose-built- designed and developed to cushion player impact and reduce the risk of injury. The only boards approved by the Rugby Union Safety Association, Maymask boards optimize advertising ability without sacrificing player heath and safety.

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Maymask is proud to be working with some of the biggest organisations in Rugby Union to combine LED technology and the safety for players.